Uncovering Truths about ChatGPT Plugins – The 8 Plugins that can Change How You Use ChatGPT

This Short outlines a 21+ minute video by Matt Wolfe – "The 8 Plugins That Will Change How You Use ChatGPT" – . Matt has 367K subscribers, and his long video has 55K views as of Jun 19, 2023 #ChatGpt #AITools #openai

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ChatGPT plugins were exciting when they first came out . . . Many are not so good . . . but some plugins really are game-changers.

Do you need a ChatGPT plus subscription to access ChatGPT Plugins?

Here's a breakdown of the 8 Plugins covered in the long video:

Timestamps: 0:00 Intro
1:04 Show Me Plugin
3:23 Daigram Plugin
5:11 Browsing Plugin Trick
7:48 SEO Plugin
9:15 ChatWithPDF Plugin
11:31 Video Insights Plugin
13:41 Wolfram Plugin
16:52 Earth Plugin
18:53 Recap
20:25 Future Tools

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#ChatGpt #AITools #openai

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