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OpenAI introduces the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, a transformative tool for data analysis, image editing, and software projects. This update is valuable for all users, not just developers, simplifying daily tasks and boosting productivity. Join us in today's TechTrend video as we explore the setup, practical use cases, and our initial impressions of this game-changing plugin. Discover how the ChatGPT Code Interpreter can revolutionize your work and empower you to achieve more.

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – teqtrend Intro
00:43 – What is the ChatGPT Code Interpreter?
01:49 – Enabling the code interpreter
02:54 – Use cases
05:30 – Analyzing, visualizing, and exporting CSV as a PDF
08:07 – Summarizing PDF papers
09:53 – Uploading a ZIP and creating a slideshow from images
11:30 – Creating a QR code
12:03 – Tips for the code interpreter
13:25 – Conclusion
14:49 – Outro
You can access OpenAI ChatGPT signup here:

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