Automate several analysis with Noteable + Link Reader plugins for ChatGPT 4

@ThePyCoach 's Video on how to set up Noteable to easily work with any CSV data you got –
@WilReynolds1 Video on how to use link reader plugin for ChatGPT –

SEO & content marketing analysts – we live in links all day, competitive research requires you to visit links to see the page right? Not after this video.
Web analysts – if you are in Google analytics or Adobe, you have to click the link to find out what the page is about and where in the funnel it is, right? not after this video.
PPC folks – Good luck waiting on Google to index all your competitor PPC landing pages and telling you how to make yours better / target the funnel better.

This is just the beginning of this tool, we haven't even gotten to having it produce graphs and charts on any data (until the end) but this is very promising.

Going to figure out why my video quality is subpar, be better next time!

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