I Tried Every ChatGPT Prompt and Found the Best 10!

ChatGPT is powerful by itself. This Ai technology is crazy. But ChatGPT is 1000x more powerful when you use it properly and use the best Prompts. In this video I’ll give you my 10 favorite, best ChatGPT Prompts plus a few extra! Watch til the end, subscribe and use these prompts everyday to supercharge your ChatGPT usage

Best Prompts In Order of Appearance on Video:

“Create a beginners guide to using ChatGPT”
“Analyze the writing style from the text below and write”
“Rewrite this text as if i know what I’m talking about”
“In the writing above, let’s think about this text using an example. From a reverse perspective. Using analogies. Etc”
“Summarize the below text in 5 bullet points”
“Generate Ideas / Brainstorm”
“Write Code”
“Prompt Generator”
“Act as”
“Think about it step-by-step”
“Multi-purpose Super Prompt”
“Helping Craft Midjourney Prompts”
“Explain this topic like I’m 5 Years Old”
Summarize this book”
“Business Idea Generator”


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