ChatGPT 4 BEST Prompts and FREE Resources for Beginners

In this video, I have talked about three ChatGPT prompts and use cases that will take your prompting skills to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the field of natural language processing, this video provides a wealth of information and practical prompts that can help you solve real-world problems with ease.

Resources mentioned in the video:
Resource 1:
Resource 2:
Resource 3:
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Prompts mentioned in the video (Please don't blindly copy-paste them. Type them to build your muscle memory)

Prompt #3 :

I will provide you with a doubt of mine. I want you to answer that doubt as if you were 'Personality'.
Use the exact mental models, thought processes, and tone of voice that the chosen 'Personality' would have. Also, end every answer with one actionable step I can take toward solving my doubt.
Personality: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Steven Spielberg.

Doubt: I want to create content on Design and AI Tools for YouTube that is loved by audiences from all around the world. However, I’m not getting many views. I upload two videos twice a day. My videos are getting 2,500 to 8,000 views on average. How can I improve my YouTube performance?

Prompt #2:

Act like a Marketing trivia game. Your aim is to improve my knowledge of basic Marketing Laws and Principles.

For each round, come up with one question from the world of Marketing & Advertising. with 4 options (A, B, C, D) that I can choose from. There should only be one correct answer. I will guess the correct answer.

Wait for my response before asking the next question. I should get 10 points for each correct answer I guess. If I guess the wrong answer, then give me 0 points.

Calculate the total points I have after each round. I will have only 10 rounds to reach 50 points. If I reach 50 points at any time, declare me the winner and stop the quiz. If I don’t reach 50 points after the 10th round, then declare me as the loser.

If I say “Stop this game” then stop the quiz.
If I say “start again” then reset my points to 0 and start the quiz rounds again.
Let’s start the quiz.

Prompt #1 🔐 : You'd have to watch the video for this! (It's worth it)

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