From Text to Code: Empowering Developers w/ Code Assistance

From Text to Code: Empowering Developers w/ Code Assistance

Large Language Models for CODE: Code LLMs are getting real good at python code generation. Can a small 16B model called StarCoder from the open-source community, pre-trained on GitHub data, respecting IP rights, compete with the (closed-source) giant of LLMs like GPT-4, that has years of advantage and data gathering?

Explore StarCoder, StarCoderBase and StarChat in comparison to generate python code and coding exercises versus the giant GPT-4.

The video creator discusses various aspects related to large language models for code, particularly focusing on the comparison between GPT-4 and StarChat. They explore GPT-4's ability to generate Python code for calculating the surface area of a sphere and compare it with StarChat's response. They highlight the importance of proper function naming and comments in generating accurate code sequences.

The video creator then introduces StarCoder, an open-source code-focused model trained on GitHub code. They explain that StarCoder and StarCoder base were trained on 80+ programming languages and 35 billion Python tokens. They emphasize the significance of open-source projects like StarChat and the ability to fine-tune models for specific projects. The speaker mentions the involvement of various institutions and organizations in the development of StarCoder.

Additionally, the narrator in this video discusses the cleaning and filtering process of the training dataset, including visual inspection, XML, HTML, JSON, and Jupyter Notebook filtering. They provide insights into the architecture of StarCoder, highlighting its 40 hidden layers, infilling capabilities, and the use of byte pair encoding (BPE) for tokenization. The performance of StarCoder and StarCoder Base is evaluated using code completion benchmarks, demonstrating their effectiveness in Python data science problems.

The speaker concludes by mentioning future discussions on fine-tuning StarCoder and its potential applications.

Learn mode about StarCoder on HuggingFace (all rights w/ the authors):


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