Auto-GPT 2.0 Massive Update… You Won’t Believe What It Can Do (#134)

Auto-GPT 2.0 Massive Update… You Won’t Believe What It Can Do (#134)

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How will this affect engineers, writers, and businesses?

Kipp and Kieran dive into the new innovations in Auto-GPT and what it means for the future of media consumption. Learn about the power of an ultra-personalized media experience, what the new era of 1:1 experience means for your business, and why people with better ideas will win.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 New innovation in the world of Auto-GPT
02:10 GPT-Author
03:35 The new era of 1:1 experience
06:32 Will this new era push everyone into their own echo chamber?
07:25 GPT Engineer
09:51 Costs of taking risks with AI = 0
10:52 Does the idea matter most?
11:24 Outro

About the Show
Kipp Bodnar (HubSpot’s CMO) and Kieran Flanagan (Zapier’s CMO), lead you down the rabbit hole of marketing trends, growth tactics and innovation. On the way you’ll pick up undiscovered strategies to give you that slight edge for success. These are not your typical twitter thread regurgitated marketing tactics that everyone is doing. These are new methods, with unfiltered examination of successful fresh ideas.

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