Create Hot Selling Ebook With ChatGpt – Detailed Tutorial | How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT

Create Hot Selling Ebook With ChatGpt – Detailed Tutorial | How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT

This video shows you how I created my Create Hot Selling Ebook With ChatGpt – It is a Detailed Tutorial. Also Beginner friendly | How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT. If you are new to ChatGPT or have not used ChatGpt before, then watch this video till the end.
– Use Chat GPT to get bonus ideas for your eBook
– Use Chat GPT to craft your compelling Facebook ad copy for your eBook to bring in massive sales

Learn how to create your first ebook from beginning to the end with chatgpt

How I Create My Hot Selling Ebook with ChatGPT
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00:52 Login to chatgpt/signup with chatgpt/chatgpt website
01:40 Various methods/options to login
02:28 Chatgpt dashboad
02:56 Our ebook with chatgpt
03:18 First chatgpt prompt to generate content for our ebook
04:15 Regenerate chatgpt response
04:41 Upvote chatgpt response
05:12 Second chatgpt prompt for your ebook
06:20 Powerful use of chartgpt
07:39 Chatgpt giving professional advice
08:08 Telling chatgpt exactly what to do | interacting with chatgpt
09:15 Things you can do with chatgpt
09:54 use chatgpt to generate table of content
10:20 Use chatgpt to create a themed storyline
11:26 Be specific with chatgpt
11:59 Use chatgpt to generate bonus ideas for your digital product
13:14 Use chatgpt to develop your ebook bonus idea
14:15 Use chatgpt to create bonus ebook
15:10 chatgpt prompts to implement ebook suggestions.
16:20 Chatgpt power vs google
16:28 Google bard AI
17:55 Chatgpt dealing with complex prompts
18:40 Chatgpt paused, get chatgpt to continue
20:11 commending chatgpt.
20:36 Use chatgpt to create an ebook on Nigerian dishes
22:55 Become a chatgpt engineer
23:15 What we have been able to achieve with chatgpt
23:32 Create a disclaimer and copyright content for your ebook with chatgpt
24:30 Chatgpt prompt to Create Facebook adcopy
24:58 Save money with ChatGpt
25:10 Use chatgpt to create 5 compelling facebook adcopy to boost sales
26:06 Use chatgpt to generate relevant hashtags
26:42 Next Video – Chatgpt for Engineers
26:52 Outro Chatgpt

– How To Use Chat GPT To Create Ebooks (Step By Step Tutorial)
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– How To Create Ebooks With Chat GPT – Detailed Tutorial
– How To Write An eBook With ChatGPT In 30 Minutes or Less
– ChatGPT eBook (How To Write eBook With ChatGPT) – YouTube
– How to Write an Ebook in 5 Minutes using ChatGPT – YouTube
– Learn how to create engaging Facebook adcopy from the ebook you created using Chatgpt
– Exploring the Ultimate power of Chatgpt

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