Think Chatbot: Streamlining Internal Reporting with a Chatbot

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Welcome to our Think Chatbot series. A series where our experts team up to create a chatbot using the ubisend chatbot platform.

To spice things up a little, Jacob takes control of building the chatbot while Alex prepares the use case and asks a few questions while Jacob works.

In this episode, Alex and Jacob build a chatbot around a viewer submitted use case. They create a chatbot that streamlines internal reporting.

Using absence reporting as an example, Jacob creates a chatbot that can pull reporting data in a matter of seconds.

The chatbot operates through a spreadsheet integration and custom variables. The employee can ask the chatbot to see the absences of a specific employee or the entire business as a whole.

The chatbot then searches through the spreadsheet for the requested information and returns it conversationally.

Of course, absence reporting is only an example of this chatbots use case. A reporting chatbot can be used across the business for a wide range of reporting purposes. From pulling reports, sharing graphs and updating data, utilising a chatbot in this manner makes reporting an issue of the past.

As absence reporting continues to eat up HR's resources, be sure to reach out if you'd like to see a few more examples of how you could utilise a chatbot in your department.

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