The View from the Top on AI Dashboards, ChatGPT and Sentiment Analysis

How do you solve a problem that you don’t know you have? How do you prevent escalations before they arise? How can technology alert you to red flags and bottlenecks before they become an issue?

The answer is by using a combination of AI Dashboards, Predictive Analytics and Sentiment Analysis, all powered by the coolest technology platform in the business.

Join us as we discuss how leading corporates are using Benivo’s sophisticated AI-based technology to alert mobility managers to potential escalations and challenges, before they become contentious. We will be discussing and showcasing some innovative solutions including:
* How to use technology to predict red flag moments
* How to be first to spot issues on the horizon
* How to make your Mobility team proactive not reactive
* Using AI dashboards to highlight warning signs
* Enhancing employee experience using AI follow-ups and interventions
* Sentiment Analysis – what it is and how to use it
* Monitoring vendor service levels through Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Processing
* Identifying which vendors are most popular with your employee populations

Our special guests will be Marc Grume (Head of Client Success, Benivo) and Elena Tirtiu (Head of Client Analytics, Benivo). We will be discussing all the above as well as showcasing specific examples of where major corporations are using this technology to make their mobility programs more strategic than ever before.

Our Changemaker this week will be Jannette Matula of Scoutmotors, and we will also have our regular immigration update with Julia Onslow-Cole as well as all the Breaking News from around the industry.

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