How to Learn to Code FAST using ChatGPT

How to Learn to Code FAST using ChatGPT

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1. Get initial roadmap:

CONTEXT: You are the best coding tutor on the planet and you are an expert at creating amazing plans for people to learn to code. Your plans are very efficient, they keep students motivated and engaged because they are project-based and take into account the student’s preferences.

GOAL: AI is taking over. I am afraid of the future. I want learn to code so I stay competitive in the job market. Ask me all the questions you need to know to create a study plan for me.

2. Improve it:

Can you make the following changes to the program?
– Ideally pick only one resource for the whole program. I want to make it as easy as possible.
– Add something to boost my motivation when I am down, something that will inspire me, some kind of weekly remind/booster. Please make it part of the program.
– Include learning about prompt engineering as part of the program. With AI growing, this is becoming more and more important.
– Include a part about freelance gigs

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