HackCast S03E03 – How will AI change the way we build software?

HackCast is the official HackSoft podcast, where we discuss all things company-related.

Season 3 is all about the business side of things.
In this episode, Radoslav (our CEO) and Ivaylo (our CTO) discuss a very important topic – the latest developments in AI & LLMs:

1. Why are we feeling an existential threat?
2. Will software developers go extinct?
3. How can AI help us build software in better ways?

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Help us reach our YouTube goal
01:00 The existential crisis with AI
02:53 Will software developers go extinct?
04:04 The difference between software development & programming
06:55 How do we use ChatGPT?
15:38 Is having prior development experience important?
19:30 You still need a human to take care of the projects
21:35 AI will help software engineers be faster
23:52 Is AI replacing software developers?
28:52 Overview – things to consider
30:41 Summary – AI will only help us be more productive
33:04 Outro

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