EP02: The AI Job Market, Prompt Injection, Prompt Marketplace Dynamics and Unique Uses of Midjourney

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the job market, with 1-2% of job listings in the US and EU being AI-related. AI can help make people more productive and efficient, and there are even opportunities to monetize AI-powered tools, such as selling prompts for various tasks. Mental health can also benefit from using AI tools, as they can avoid tedious parts of the job. Additionally, AI can be used to honor the memories of those who have passed away, through photorealistic image generation.

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[00:00:00] Introduction to the "How to Talk to AI" podcast with hosts Wes the SynthMind and GodaGo.

[00:02:59] Stanford University released a 386-page report about AI's impact on society and culture, which is recommended to read. The report notes that AI-related jobs are on the rise with 2% of job listings in the US and 1.3% in the EU being related to AI, and this is expected to increase. The author asks if this trend intersects with the reader's life or if they know anyone in AI-related jobs.

[00:09:37] AI tools will not replace humans but rather work alongside them to increase productivity, happiness and offload tedious tasks such as data entry and scanning. This will extend into industries such as farming where it may be cheaper to train a drone with AI to plant seeds in the long term.

[00:11:50] The team discusses prompt injection, a technique used to hijack language models' output by giving specific instructions and using key phrases. It can be dark or interactive, depending on its use.

[00:16:13] Jailbreak prompts have been optimized to enable misbehavior through prompt injection, causing a shift in the model's output. Bigger companies like Microsoft and Google will face challenges training AI models due to biased and unfriendly content on the internet. OpenAI rules apply when inputting prompts.

[00:19:29] The world of AI-generated prompts and their marketplaces is unregulated and constantly evolving, with some concern over copyright issues. While there are free resources available, some are willing to pay for prompts that save them time and effort. Selling prompts can yield passive income, though the legal landscape is not clearly defined. Despite this, there is potential for prompt-selling to lead to more lucrative opportunities.

[00:25:30] The team discuss the concept of a marketplace that sells access to prompts via a digital asset manager for a monthly subscription fee. It emphasizes the inefficiency of selling access per use per output, as opposed to a subscription model.

[00:27:19] Marketplaces for AI prompts will become flooded with similar content, some available for free, but users will still pay for them. There's a demand for high-end, powerful prompts that can write books and scripts. Sharing of information by those still learning could advance the industry. Compensated work also creates an industry where people can rise to that level, starting with simple prompts and gaining confidence to approach businesses for optimization.

[00:30:29] AI tools can improve productivity and mental health of workers, but companies should use it to hire more people and grow their business, instead of replacing jobs.

[00:33:43] A tool helped a man recreate a photorealistic image of his recently passed father, bringing him joy and allowing him to honor his memory. Wes’s eyes got sweaty as a result, he just claimed someone was chopping onions.

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