AI Virtual Assistant with ChatGPT: Speech Recognition, NLP, and Text-to-Speech Integration

Welcome to Beardy Dev Adventures! In this video, I will be demoing an AI Virtual Assistant that I developed, powered by ChatGPT and combined with the power of for speech recognition, natural language processing, and text-to-speech technologies. That creates a seamless and interactive user experience.

In this video, I demonstrate how the AI ChatGPT assistant works, showcase its capabilities, and delve into the use of Whisper API roles (Assistant, System, and User) to improve the quality and relevance of responses generated by ChatGPT. The demos include real-time examples of asking the assistant questions and using prompt engineering with roles to tailor responses.

Key features covered in this video:
– ChatGPT for natural language processing
– for speech recognition and text-to-speech
– Using roles with ChatGPT to tailor user responses

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00:08 – Introduction
00:38 – How it works
00:56 – First Demo: Asking a question
01:47 – Prompt Engineering with Whisper API Roles
02:18 – Providing Virtual Assistant with Vita Genius Product Details
02:32 – Second Demo: System Message
02:34 – Second Demo: Assistant Message
02:42 – Second Demo: Asking the Virtual Assistant about Vita Genius
03:25 – Conclusion: Main Features, Potential Improvements

ChatGPT –
Whisper API – –

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