A Pedagogical Conversational Agent and Development of Research Competencies

Although science has advanced in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of PCAs (Tamayo, 2017), even considering empathic skills (Arguedas & Daradoumis, 2021), applied to different domains from a mostly quantitative approach, few studies assess their learning outcomes from the mixed approach and there are scarce previous studies on chatbots that are focused on the development of investigative skills (Okonkwo & AdeIbijola, 2021; Ortega-Ochoa, 2021). Moreover, considering the student-teacher ratio, the tutoring of subjects and projects at the National University of Education (UNAE, for its acronym in Spanish) and much higher education institutions have problems serving many students and require better integration of ICT-mediated learning in the online teaching and learning process (Graesser et al., 2014; Pérez-Marín, 2021). Then, this research entitled A Pedagogical Conversational Agent and Development of Research Competencies: A Quasi-Experimental Mixed Methods Research has the question: How adaptive learning articulated by PCA affects the development of research competencies? Based on the problem, the objective is to understand the adaptive learning articulated by PCA and its impact on the development of research competencies.

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