(10 Minutes ChatGPT) Make Business Vocabulary Audio using ChatGPT – TTS and Speech Recognition

Now, anyone can create their own English learning content.
From generating conversational English to generating TTS audio and recognizing speech, it only takes 10 minutes.
AI ChatGPT Speech allows you to speak to ChatGPT like a human.
Users themselves can create various metaverse contents using ChatGPT.
You can speak in 33 languages, including English and Korean, and you can hear the results of ChatGPT in 33 languages.
You can also select a total of 114 voices.
AI ChatGPT Speech SW allows users to create English and foreign language learning contents by themselves.
You can create conversations for various situations, such as business and travel, through ChatGPT and listen to them in 10 English voices.
You can also make your own content such as English vocabulary, quizzes, and incorrect answer notes.
In addition to ChatGPT, voice recognition, and TTS functions, you can create your own chatbot content as metaverse content.
In addition to English, you can directly create various digital contents necessary for science, information, and mathematics subjects with chatbots.
A variety of 3D environments can be created with AI ChatGPT Speech SW combined with Metaverse.
Please refer to the Hello Apps website for lecture materials, videos, and SW. helloapps.com

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