Snack Prompt for ChatGPT | FREE Chrome Extension to Collab, Save, & Upvote ChatGPT Prompts

Snack Prompt is a FREE Chrome Extension focused on curating the best ChatGPT prompts. It is designed to help users discover, upvote, and share the best ChatGPT prompts from a community of experts. Snack Prompt is a social platform that aims to make using ChatGPT more accessible and user-friendly, ultimately empowering users to unlock AI’s potential. With Snack Prompt, you can follow subject matter experts and get inside their heads on how they leverage the power of tools like ChatGPT and benefit from their expertise.

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00:00 – What is Snack Prompt
00:29 – Team Collab Feature
01:01 – Platform Demo
01:19 – How to Create a Prompt
01:42 – Tag Feature
01:53 – Publish Options
02:03 – Upcoming Features

ChatGPT for SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, Software Engineering, DevOps, Coding, Creative Production, Business, and more.

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