Luma Labs Loop 3 Camera Sling Strap

Luma Labs Loop 3 Camera Sling Strap

At the heart of our new Loop is a direct-to-camera offset mount. Precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, this new mount eliminates the dangle points that other slings have between the webbing and the camera, while optimally positioning the connection at the corner of the camera body. The result? Far less moving around of the camera when it’s at your side.

Completing the connection is a captive, large diameter thumb screw that allows for rapid install/removal from the tripod socket (less than 3 seconds) without the risk of parts failure or accidental release.

Our mission with Loop 3 has been to maintain the inherent comfort and convenience of a sling, while addressing the stability and security issues that have long plagued this style of strap. To do this, we took everything you loved about the original Loop, combined it with the knowledge and technologies we gained from the Cinch and made—what we believe—is the best camera sling ever.

To make Loop 3 even more stable, we adapted the Cinch's slide adjusters; both front and back to let you lock your camera down instantly. On the move? A simple slide of the adjuster tightens the Loop down and raises the camera above your hip for maximum stability. Ready to take the shot? A quick pull is all it takes to free the camera for unrestricted motion. The slides also make the Loop 3 completely modular. If you decide you need a different size, you can get a different size length of webbing. If you ever wear out a part because you’ve taken your Loop everywhere, it can be easily replaced by sending a new part to you.

Every component of the Loop 3 is custom made exclusively for Luma Labs; the temper on the leather, the heavy duty rivets, a proprietary carbon fiber reinforced polymer formulation, even CNC mill cutting tools. It all adds up to a camera sling that feels, looks and -most importantly- performs like nothing else, and it's all 100% USA made.


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