Oobabooga WSL on Windows 10 Standard, 8bit, and 4bit plus LLaMA conversion instructions

Oobabooga has updated, and I am providing new instructions on the installation as well as how to convert your LLaMA models to be compatible with the updated version. This time via WSL.

My YouTube channel is young so I cannot put hyperlinks in the description.

You can download the text file here: pastebin dot com/VUsXNZFV

Or go to the /r/Oobabooga subreddit and search for the video title, I will make a post with the same title as you see above.

So I couldn't get the very last step to complete, I'm pretty sure because the author of the GPTQ-for-LLaMA didn't intend for it to be run in wsl like oobabooga. You can however do this last step if you follow my instructions on the last video before this one titled "New Oobabooga Standard, 8bit, and 4bit plus LLaMA conversion instructions, Windows 10 no WSL needed" or you can go to their github and just install GPTQ-for-LLaMA to do the conversions, you don't need oobabooga.

If you follow those instructions for a windows version of the oobabooga install you can do the final conversion to 4-bit. It's a pain I know, but you only need to do the 4-bit conversion once.

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