In this video I am showing how to use ChatGPT API, both official and existing unofficial APIs. Also showing how I created full website using ChatGPT API and deployed it on AMS Free Tier to host my website absolutely for free ✌🏼. Chat GPT API, ChatGPT API, Chat GPT Python, ChatGPT python.

I've put everything into one document for you:
⭐️ Source Code of the website and Instructions how to deploy it on AWS:


You can also test my live website and create your jokes from Famous people by the link:

⭐️ ChatGPT/OpenAi – Website Building Kit ⭐️:

1. Unofficial ChatGPT API:
2. AWS Free Tier:
3. Flask Python Framework:

😃Please put the joke you created on the website in the comments below! 🤣

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