An introduction to sentiment analysis with TensorFlow

Check out Thushan Ganegedara's book πŸ“– TensorFlow 2.0 in Action | πŸ“– To save 40% off this book ⭐ watchganegedara40 ⭐ In this video, Thushan focuses on special sentiment analysis – dealing with class-imbalanced data and modeling. Learn how to deal with class-imbalanced data and modeling in sentiment analysis.

This video is an excerpt from a live coding session by Thushan Ganegedara, the author of TensorFlow 2.0 in Action.

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TensorFlow 2.0 in Action |
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"TensorFlow 2.0 in Action" teaches you to use the new features of TensorFlow 2.0 to create advanced deep learning models. You’ll learn by building hands-on projects, including an image classifier that can recognize objects, a French-to-English machine translator, and even a neural network that can write fiction. You’ll dive into the details of modern deep learning techniques, including both transformer and attention models, and learn how pretrained models can solve your tricky data science problems. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to implement state-of-the-art deep learning applications and know the design secrets behind their success.

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