AI Powered Sentiment Analysis with Postman Flows and ChatGPT

Welcome to Postman LIVE! In this week's AI-powered stream, Ian is joining forces with Jan and Saswat to build a ChatGPT powered sentiment analysis app using Postman Flows. Watch along and help them change some IoT lights based on the sentiment analysis.

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00:00 Introductions
03:45 In case you missed it, Postman 10.10 roll-out features
07:28 Jan's IoT LED Mural and how we can draw some images on the 14×28 panel
15:00 Evaluating some Sentiment Analysis with Azure Cognitive Services
19:00 How Saswat set up the OpenAI API for ChatGPT
23:30 Getting started with using these collection requests in Flows
28:10 How Flows analyzes collection requests to find variables
32:00 Examining the ChatGPT response in Flows to pass data forward
35:05 Starting a new block for the sentiment analysis request to Azure
44:08 Breaking the sentiment analysis into a loop structure
51:45 Sending each sentiment string to Jan's IoT lights
56:40 Checking that we can send data through the whole workflow so far
58:01 Forcing a small delay between each push to the lights
59:00 Adding some console logging in Flows for debugging
1:01:05 Using a Collect block to know when the for loop is finished
1:10:15 Testing more questions to ChatGPT
1:17:00 Debugging why the IoT API isn't getting the sentiment properly
1:28:50 Thanks-yous and Community Shoutouts

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