Data Structure – Creating a Chatbot with Deep Learning, Python, and TensorFlow p.2

What's going on everyone and welcome to the 2nd part of the chatbot with Python and TensorFlow tutorial series. By now, I am assuming you have the data downloaded, or you're just here to watch. With most machine learning, you need to take the data and, at some point, you need to have input and output. With neural networks, this means input layer and output layers for the actual neural network. For a chatbot, this means we need to separate things out to be a comment, and then a reply. The comment is the input, the reply is the desired output.

Text tutorials and sample code:


    1. I don’t know. I rarely know how far a series will go. I am usually still making it when I am releasing it. PROBABLY somewhere between 10 and 20 videos, but it just depends. I’m messing with so many models and trying many things at the moment, it’s a lot of content to share.

  1. Score is the same as ups 😉
    Ups/downs were separate at the very early days of reddit, nowadays many fields are just legacy junk.
    Oh, and the score/ups field is the same value you see on the website though reddit fuzzes the votes (so you’ll never see the exact value but one that will be randomly off by a few %.

    1. speed mainly. databases store their datas in a way for faster accessing.
      you cannot really duplicate this using just a file.

      for smaller projects this doesn’t matter at all but if you have a very very large data set that you have to traverse then you’ll want that data stored in a database so your not wasting so much time just searching the entire file looking for a specific bit of data.

  2. I’m a grad student at UF studying machine learning and i’ve followed you for years now. I just want to make sure you know that your work is very very appreciated and you do a fantastic job of bringing these topics to life.

  3. Hi sentdex, Thanks a bunch for your insightful tutorials. Could I just store my data on my computer without putting in on any db since I don’t have a cloud server?

  4. Hey I just wanted to ask,
    As I’m building my own database in this. So basically I will be using the same variable names. So I was thinking like what all be the values that should be kept in the database. I’ll be using MySQL, for this. And what all changes do I need to make for designing that.
    And please help me as I’m completely new in this industry only. I’m fresher.

  5. This tutorial awesome. i am interested to develope a chatbot using my own json data. how to train my bot with json file using python?

  6. can you make a video of how can we prepare data before starting NLP even if its not english data for example french or other language , and where can i find data to build my chatbot ?

  7. I am a layman when it comes to deep learning.
    Is it possible to later implement sight for this chatbot, via a webcamera or any other stream?

    It’s then probably going to need unsupervised training in that case, if that’s even used here, haven’t watched later videos yet.

  8. For the recent datasets (2018), the row “name” is changed to “link_id”, right?

  9. ok so the lightbulb went off and i think i am finally getting it as i am using jupyter to do this things are comeing together love the tuts keep it up hope to be able to donate for sub soon on next paycheck

  10. first of all I want to thank you for this work, but my question is what can you give me the protype of the database and the conception of this project?

  11. I’m following this tutorial writing a similar Java program with little python knowledge such a pain

    Edit: I appreciate you explaining the code so that I am able to adequately re-write.

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