ChatGPT Job Losses and New ChatGPT Jobs (Leverage ChatGPT to enhance your tech career)

In this video ChatGPT Job Losses and New ChatGPT Jobs (Leverage ChatGPT to enhance your tech career) we discuss how ChatGPT changes everything, and more about what is disruptive technology. Not only do we talk about how ChatGPT changes everything we address ChatGPT job losses, and the impact of ChatGPT on jobs. So if you want to learn about ChatGPT and digital transformation, and ChatGPT cloud computing careers then this video is for you.

We’ve previously produced several pieces of content with ChatGPT explained, and disruptive technology explained. This video ChatGPT Job Losses and New ChatGPT Jobs (Leverage ChatGPT to enhance your tech career) is just our latest piece related to this, you can find the others below.

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    1. The average salary in the US is $198,000 per year. I have been working remotely as an architect for over 20 years.

  1. Hi Mike, good video as always, only thing I would not really agree is sure at the moment ChatGpt can write all of these scripts but rarely they function (most of the time they need a lot of tackling and if you not a real dev is still pretty hard to fix those) and funny enough I catch him inventing methods inexistent in the API but impersonating really well(is a good actor), sure I agree is still in infancy definitely will get better sooner than some thought but in my opinion today is really far to replace even a mediocre developer. I’d use him only for some inspiration and definitely can’t trust it to do some production commercial grade code, to don’t mention that things like tests, accessibility, security, search engine optimisation, cost optimisation, perf testing … will take it years to even realise he has to mention.

  2. Mike, the problem is that ChatGPT has huge potential to scale and improve in coming years. It can become better cloud architect than a human cloud architect. With a little tweaking it can get much better understanding of human psychology and other soft skills.

    1. The problem is that AI will never actually get to the point in which it can develop better psychology of humans than humans. This is because AI at the end of day is computational, and the human condition is not a “problem” that can be “solved”. Because humankind, as an existence, is not a solvable equation. Therefore, the greatest threat AI will have to humans is how humans decide to use it against other humans, not the AI itself.

    2. Ai is not human.

      AI can be a great engineer. But the relationship building and stakeholder managemnt, sales and leadership performed by an architect AI cannot do.

      Plus AI cannot ask the right questions to even get the requirements- that takes human judgment.

      No machine is going to convince a CEO to spend a billion dollars on tech.

      But the AI can write code like an engineer.

  3. Mike, thank you for this video, it brings awareness on why Softskills are such a valuable asset these days, and how we can acquire and master these skills by becoming a Cloud Architect…

  4. Mike, question — can’t chatGPT essentially be/work as a cloud architect? If you enter what cloud infrastructure is needed to transition, I’m sure it can eventually design the architecture? Yes, you need to sell and connect with the customer, but I’m assuming it will also be used to make an SA’s job easier? No?

    1. No it can’t do architecture

      It can do engineering

      Most of architecture is about getting requirements, leading teams, managing stakeholders, building relationships

      It’s the human side of architecture which is why it can’t be replaced by technology

      Now engineering that’s another story

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