ChatGPT Chatbot with Docker Compose programming Home Lab Services

Using ChatGPT and Docker Compose together is a great way to quickly and easily spin up home lab services. Using ChatGPT we can have additional help in writing customized Docker Compose files to spin up home lab services.

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Introduction to Docker Compose and quick home lab services – 0:00
Containers, Docker run – 1:25
Describing Docker containers with Docker Compose – 1:53
Docker networking and Docker volumes with Docker Compose – 2:18
Describing YAML code and where it is used – 2:50
What is ChatGPT? 3:35
Getting ChatGPT to write Docker Compose files – 4:12
ChatGPT starts creating the Docker Compose file – 4:55
Creating a Docker Compose YAMl file – 5:54
Saving the docker-compose file – 6:09
Running docker-compose up -d and error – 6:46
Updating the correct container image – 7:20
Rerunning docker compose to create containers after resolving container image – 7:32
Taking it a step further with more advanced Docker Compose configuration – 8:02
Taking the orginal configuration and ask ChatGPT to modify the docker compose file – 8:36
Looking at the new docker compose file with the Traefik configuration – 9:36
ChatGTP missed the API key configuration for Cloudflare certificates – 11:11
Wrapping up thinking about ChatGTP, Docker Compose, and Docker containers – 11:45

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