Chat GPT v. Bing Chat: Power Apps Help Compared

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Are you looking for a chatbot tool to help you with your Power Apps development? In this video, we compare two popular chatbot tools – ChatGPT and Bing Chat – and explore how they can help you with tasks such as research and code writing.

We'll start by introducing each tool and explaining how they work. We'll then delve into some examples and use cases, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Next, we'll discuss the "attitude" of each chatbot and how it affects the user experience. We'll cover aspects such as tone, personality, and consistency in responses, so you can choose the tool that fits your style.

Finally, we'll conclude with a summary of our findings and provide recommendations on which chatbot tool to use for different scenarios. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Power Apps user, this video will help you make an informed decision on which chatbot tool is best for your needs.

So, sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the exciting world of AI chatbots and Power Apps development!
0:00 Bing Chat vs. Chat GPT PLus
1:18 What is Bing Chat and the differences from ChatGPT
5:20 Bing read a post and find me a video
9:00 New Topic to start a different chat with Bing
9:50 Having Bing update my code, code blocks, and what is my code?
12:00 What do you know about me?
12:55 Some personality notes of both Bing and ChatGPT
14:30 Change is normal
15:58 How I got the Bing Chat preview early

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  1. ChatGPT is the dog edition: super-eager to please even when it has no idea what’s going on. Bing’s version is the cat edition, you’ll never know from one moment to the next if it’ll be sweet or decide to ignore or scratch you.

    1. I love this description. Totally would have stolen it for the video had I heard it sooner. 🐈 vs 🐕‍🦺 = 😂

  2. @Shane if you hear a knock on your door in the middle of the night, don’t answer! One of the Chat services has probably sent the Terminator 😀

  3. Very good Shane, you’re very quick on your hand in this topic… I was looking Chatgpt vs Bing ai, and for the very first time, I searched something that overrated and IT related but the internet wasn’t even updated to it yet. Literally, there no article reviews. Even reddit were on it, but mostly about unimportant production value like self existential questions… For me precision is what truly important, I wouldn’t care if the the AI harbors feelings. By the looks of it, the AI tools are still new… I also learned something new today that Youtube is truly the most updated source of information…. (There some information these day that I couldn’t find on internet but I can find it in Youtube)

  4. 8:00 – On YouTube there is a function “video decryption” – the text of all subtitles with timings to the video. There is for every video (or for almost every one). It is in the description of the video. I don’t know how well this feature is implemented in the desktop version of YouTube, but it’s definitely in the android app. It’s there for this video too.

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