BlockChain,Cloud,Devops,Data Science, Big Data, Cybersecurity- Which Technology To Select?😰😰😰😰😰

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    1. If persons 2 year experience in web development then ggo In DevOps and he knows many things about DevOps then salary will be as fresher or 2 years experience DevOps?

    2. Sir, i am very disappointed bcoz your video title actually says about what to choose among these technologies but you didn’t give any useful points that will help us to decide which will be better for us….

    3. bro i can’t understand your language please tell me one thing data analyst or cloud adminstrator which carrier is tension free where we can earn more

  1. Currently working on cloud computing and learning devops methodologies, so that I can combine them both

    1. @BLOOPERS i heard cloud computing have a lot of scope im confuse what to take help me plz dont say it depends on intrest yar i want my work and personal life to be good with good salary and i love doing creative & new things which makes me happy plz suggest

    2. @kranthi netha yes cloud have lot of scope because eventually all systems will move to cloud. For the work life balance it depends on your project and you, if you can complete the same amount of work in less time period then you’ll get more time for your personal life. All i can say is you’ll get good amount of pay in cloud if you’re good enough

    3. @BLOOPERS please can you drop your email or any social media handle let me message you ? I want to make some enquiries

    1. ,T•h•a•n•k•s. f•o•r •w•a•t•c•h•i•n•g •f•o•r m•o•r•e i•nf•o •o•r a•s•s•i•s•t•a•n•c•e •W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P


  2. Pretty much a beginner in data science but this video was much needed, Thanks alot for Krish sir for caring so much about ur audience…
    I am also planning to be ur student @Ineuron waiting for new batch of ML DL…. ❤️

    1. You are starting now in Data Science !! by the time you finish, world will be in Moon. Finish quickly.

    2. ​@Madhunita Roy im confuse what to take help me plz dont say it depends on intrest yar i want my work and personal life to be good with good salary and i love doing creative & new things which makes me happy plz suggest

  3. Good morning, sir, My name is Adesoji Alu(Nigeria) and I am a beginner in machine learning. I do know python programming with web technologies such as HTML, CSS. I don’t know cloud deployment technologies and software architecture. I would like to be a machine Learning dev ops in the future. please what is the roadmap to go through, what deployment software and testing software do I need to know?


    1. Hello brother, Krish has a video on YouTube showing the roadmap to ML and DL. And also there free course on machine learning with Jovian YouTube channel, it covers enough but not deep. inueron also has a course which go deep into ML and DL and the price is affordable when you convert to Niara. The price is around 25,000k. I will start my next month as you know there is low amount of data scientist around here. Guy no gog yourself. see you around.

  4. Hey krish!
    could you tell me how you stay updated with latest technologies as technologies are changing rapidly.
    So how do you adapt those changes?
    please make a video on this topic covering websites,blogs,newspapers,anything that you use to stay updated to compter science and data science.

  5. Agreed to all the points except one i.e. the demotivation by seeing others. Instead of looking at them as competitors, you can make them your mentor or idol and get the motivation that “yes I also want to reach that level” and you even become better than them. For example, In Data science, you and so many people have so much knowledge and expertise but a newcomer shouldn’t get demotivated and instead get motivated to reach that level or even higher.
    As there is a say “Work until your idols become your rivals.”

    1. I don’t think so!There is huge difference between 10 people running vs 100000people running in a marathon.
      “Don’t try to be best..,Try to be first”-Jack Maa

    2. It actually depends on person to person… For people like me a competitive atmosphere gives a lot of motivation and zeal to accomplish a task… But for others it may not be…

  6. Software Engineers should know atleast basics of these trending technologies
    So instead of panicking try out every thing
    Knowledge will always serve you directly or indirectly
    This thing happens to almost all beginners and they waste a lot of time and get stressed out in thinking what to choose

    1. ,T•h•a•n•k•s. f•o•r •w•a•t•c•h•i•n•g •f•o•r m•o•r•e i•nf•o •o•r a•s•s•i•s•t•a•n•c•e •W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P


    2. your right bro im stressed and confused what to take help me plz dont say it depends on intrest yar i want my work and personal life to be good with good salary and i love doing creative & new things & problem solving which makes me happy plz suggest

  7. Hi Krish ,can you please provide roadmap for devops and also teach this technology like in videos I wanted to learn devops but I’m not sure where to start and end I like your teaching so much .

  8. Too theoretical! A little addition of practical aspects will be beneficial, specially on the DevOps side. I am a practicing Azure ML engineer and our biggest challenge is dealing with integrated deliveries as per Agile practices.

  9. This one is really good video and much needed to me. 👍 I have a request could you please make a video with someone who is in devops or cloud with few years of experience so that freshers get some suggestions to get into this field. Thank you sir 🙌

  10. Hey Krish, can you make a video on how Web Development / Software Engineering (full stack/frontend/backend) and Data Science / Machine Learning / AI compare with each other, in terms of job prospects, salaries, work life balance, and so on?

    Thanks for all that you do. Cheers!

    1. Brother. If U Are fresher no company will pay. They Just Want Hard Workers On Less Wedges. IT Companies Currently Hiring Laborers Who Can Work Freely And For 8hrs That Too Without Proper Guidance.

  11. Great content! Gave me the clarity I needed. Glad I choose cyber security. I have recently taken up a ISP course at EC Council University out of passion and interest but now I am clueless on what course or project to take next to have a career in cyber security. Could you help me decode this? Thanks!

  12. To make sense of this video you have to be a Vivekananda or Mother Terresa. You should follow the technology which HAS MONEY as well as VERY COMPLICATED to learn. because it would take time for simplification, and you will have enough demand.

  13. Hello sir, could you please tell something about full stack development like is there any scope for this domain.

  14. I do agree that the technology is advancing. BUT cybersecurity is also required as the technology advances more cyberexperts are required in that particular field so Cybersecurity might be one of the safest job to do I think so what’s yr opinion?

  15. My current project has devops, big data and block chain..Im confused on which one to concentrate as we cant learn all these technologies at once..can anyone please suggest?

  16. Sir ji QA to RPA will be a good idea ?? To switch? Can you please suggest to a QA ( 3 Plus years of experience) 😊

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