10 Business Challenges of Bringing AI into the Organization

We often gloss over the difficulty of bringing AI into the organization, and instead spend most of our time on the data, the machine learning algorithms, and selecting the hyperparameters of the AI models for implementation. But the real challenge of extracting value out of these AI/ML implementations goes much broader than the technology itself.

In this video, I share ten challenges that business leaders have to worry about in extracting value from AI.
Here's what I can do to help you. I speak on the topics of architecture and AI, help you integrate AI into your organization, educate your team on what AI can or cannot do, and make things simple enough that you can take action from your new knowledge.

I work with your organization to understand the nuances and challenges that you face, and together we can understand, frame, analyze, and address challenges in a systematic way so you see improvement in your overall business, is aligned with your strategy, and most importantly, you and your organization can incrementally change to transform and thrive in the future.

If any of this sounds like something you might need, please reach out to me at dr.raj.ramesh@topsigma.com, and we'll get back in touch within a day. Thanks for watching my videos and for subscribing.



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  2. Leadership, culture, strategy, innovation, process, dynamic capabilities = new growth opportunities

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